As part of our London web design and development process, we, of course, have to sort out website hosting options with our clients. We only want the best hosting for our clients, so we always give them the option to host with our own server at WP Engine. During this process, we get plenty of questions like “What is WP Engine”, “Why should I host with WP Engine?” etc, so we created this simple blog about why you should host your new website with WP Engine!

What Makes WP Engine Unique?

WPEngine is a managed website hosting company that specialises in hosting WordPress websites.

WP Engine provides a set of packaged hosting prices depending on how many websites you need to host, how many monthly visitors your website gets and the actual size of your website. Other than these packages, WP Engine can also provide custom service amounts for enterprise clients.

They offer 24/7 customer support, performance optimization, and security protection, as well as free SSL certificates to keep your website secure. They have been in the business for over 10 years and have over 1 million websites hosted on their platform.

Your website can also take advantage of WP Engine’s global CDN and built-in caching system, which can massively boost your website speed without having to lift a finger!

Quickfire Pros and Cons for Hosting on WP Engine


  • WP Engine servers are extremely fast and responsive compared to many competitors. Server response time won’t be an issue for your website speed once you’ve partnered with WP Engine!
  • WP Engine allows for very easy creation of staging and development platforms of your website. This means you can test website migrations, theme/plugin updates & more without worrying about breaking your live website.
  • All customers are entitled to 24/7 support over the phone whilst other prices additionally include live chat support. Personally, our own website designers in London have had to utilise WP Engine’s live chat support, so we can say with confidence that the support you’ll be receiving is fantastic!
  • WP Engine is partnered with Google Cloud Servers, Amazon Web Servers and Microsoft Azure to provide over 20 different server locations to host your website, including countries in North America, Europe and Asia.
  • WP Engine’s easy website backup & restore process means you can easily revert your website if you end up breaking something.


  • Their name isn’t an exaggeration: WP Engine will only host WordPress websites. If you’re running on a different CMS like Shopify or Magento etc, WP Engine is not the host for you.
  • The visitor limits on the hosting packages can be frustrating if your website sees fluctuations throughout the year. While the majority of SMEs shouldn’t come into any issues with the visitor limits, it is something that you should keep in mind.
  • Hosting with WP Engine does not come with professional emails (emails with your website domain at the end.) If you host on WP Engine, you will have to purchase your domain emails with another service.
  • WP Engine’s prices are on the high end because it’s a high-end service. If you’re just looking to host your own personal blog or image gallery, you should really look for a much cheaper cost as WP Engine is mainly geared to businesses and enterprises.


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