Are you making a move to the digital era of business? Bringing your company online is an exciting experience and promises to open your company up to the global market, drawing customers from around the world.

Whether you’re building your website yourself or having a professional do it for you, you’re going to need a content management system (CMS) installed to help you manage the day-to-day activities with your site.

The CMS is the backbone of the website, and it’s responsible for structuring the site and adding new content to it. WordPress is the world’s most popular CMS, with more than 455-million sites using it to manage their online business.

WordPress offers you an easy setup and user-friendly interface, and it’s free.

Sure, there might be some costs involved with customising the site, but it’s worth spending the money to receive a unique website representing the brand values of your business.

So, why go with WordPress over other CMS options? Let’s look at some of the top advantages of using this CMS for your business website.

WordPress Is Cost-Effective

As mentioned, WordPress is free to download and install. Most hosting companies will set up the site for you on your domain when you take a hosting package with them, and there are dozens of hosting specialists working solely with WordPress.

WordPress has an impressive array of free templates, and you can pick up a customised template for less than £200, giving your site a unique look and feel.

WordPress Offers Easy Setup

WordPress offers you simple installation with one click – that’s all it takes to get things up and going. You don’t need coding skills or a master’s degree in computer science to get things going with WordPress.

Bluehost and Cloudways are examples of specialist hosting companies working with WordPress sites. All you have to do is select WordPress when ordering your web hosting package, and the company sets everything up for you.

Companies like Flywheel and WPEngine offer managed hosting solutions offering installation, setup, configuration, and optimisation, all included with your hosting plan.

After completing the installation, you have several options for functions and features which reduce your web development costs, saving your business money.

Easy to Manage UI

WordPress is one of the few CMS offerings giving you a setup and use that’s ideal for technical and non-technical people to get their online business up and running in the shortest amount of time at the lowest cost.

WordPress sites can be as extensive and interactive as you need them to be. You have options for creating menus, categories, web pages, posts, web forms, and complete management over your media, like images and videos.

Free and Custom Themes

WordPress offers you a range of 60 free themes available from the WordPress store. You also have the option of wading through the thousands of paid templates. Choose a design that suits the branding of your business and creates a seamless transition between your online and offline presence.

You can browse the extensive list of options from the WordPress theme directory and pick the perfect choice for your new website. If you require extra functionality or features you can find a company to build a custom theme.

WordPress themes are fully customisable, so you can hire a web developer to add any features or functionality you want to the theme without breaking your budget.

Most premium WordPress themes come with support from the developer, and they can make any additions you need or resolve any issues you have with the template.

Some of the additional features in premium themes include drag-and-drop page builders, customisations for colours and fonts, and ready-made templates you can import with a single click.

Choose from custom themes designed for restaurants, charities, financial companies, legal firms, eCommerce, and many more. With thousands of options available, you’re sure to find something you like.

Adaptable Plugins for E-Commerce

WordPress offers you a range of adaptable plugins for eCommerce sites. Turn your website into an eCommerce powerhouse with the “WooCommerce” plugin, and start selling your products online.

The WooCommerce plugin gives you an open-source software that’s easy to customise to your company’s needs. You get a range of custom functionality that you can’t find in any other CMS.

Sell any product, add a range of integrations, and track your analytics through one interface on the WooCommerce platform.

Get Better Reach with Optimised SEO Features

WordPress comes with a range of plugins to enhance the functionality of your site plugins like “YoastSEO” can supercharge the results you get from your posts and pages.

Setup meta descriptions, meta tags, add categories, and many other useful features that help the search bots when indexing and ranking your site.

The plugin acts as a proofreader, and it helps you fix site errors while protecting your RSS feed from scraping tools.

Responsive Mobile Design and Compatibility

WordPress sites are fully optimised for mobile use. Google emphasises promoting mobile compatible sites. With over 50% of visitor traffic coming from mobile devices and that number growing each year steadily, you need a website that’s easy to navigate on any device.

WordPress gives you a CMS that interfaces with phones, tablets, and desktops, giving your visitors the best UX possible while meeting the Google requirements for mobile-friendly website design.

Reliable and Secure Protection from Bad Actors

WordPress has a huge development community. As a result, you get independent developers patching any security flaws in the CMS, releasing these patches to you in free updates that automatically download and install on your site.

Wrapping Up – Why Go with Anything but WordPress for Your Business Website?

Why choose any other CMS but WordPress? You get the best CMS available with free themes, developer support, one-click managed installations, and user-friendly navigation.

Sure, you could go with a free web-builder or another CMS, but you’re placing your company behind the curve. With a WordPress CMS, you’re getting the gold standard of the industry and a solid partner you can depend on for your business website.


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